Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team

Praise for previous editions of Designing Brand Identity: An inspiring and powerful toolkit. The Marketer Alina Wheeler provides a practical structure for the brand building process. Al Ries, coauthor, Positioning Wheeler’s book offers a cogent description of how strategy and design meet in the real world among world-class companies. Marty Neumeier, author, The Brand Gap A valued reference book for all members of the branding team. Communication ArtsProduct Description
Who are you? Who needs to know? Why should they care? How will they find out? In a densely crowded marketplace, corporations, organizations, and even individuals look for ways to differentiate themselves. That is the job of branding. Whether your goal is to express a new brand or to revitalize an existing one, here is a proven, universal five-phase process for creating and implementing effective brand identity. From research and analysis through brand strategy, design development through application design, and ide